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Bridge into the Woods
Approach to Practice
Walking the Path of Healing and Change

In the therapeutic relationship, I believe my work is to hold space for another person to explore their most intimate feelings, thoughts, and behaviours without fear of judgment. My goal is to encourage a sense of curiosity about ones' own experience alongside a powerful sense of self-compassion.


Sometimes the most impactful work we can do is to gently and compassionately interrogate the stories we tell about our lives and experiences as they often contain the key to change.

I work alongside people in their exploration of the power and possibility that lies in the work of giving attention to the unspoken, while looking for the fissures in less helpful ideas and stories about our identities, lives, and choices.

My style of counselling is highly collaborative in nature and I utilize an integrative, holistic, and trauma-informed approach. I am influenced by narrative and other postmodern theories as well as more traditional, evidence-based cognitive behavioural and dialectical therapies. Critically, I believe that it is within the therapeutic relationship itself, a relationship built upon a non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard that the most impactful healing work occurs.  Focusing on establishing and upholding a sense of security, and trust, is of the utmost importance to me as a helping professional.


Together we will explore your feelings and concerns. I will listen and ask questions so that I may understand you and your situation better, and we will work together to discover opportunities for achieving your goals.

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